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Focus Fanatic
Spring 2005 - Our Focus Floor mats, Hood QuickLIFT ELITE and dead pedal installed into a new SVT Focus. Full writeup on the installation.
(4.5meg pdf)
Focus Fanatic
Fall 2004 - Our Redline Tuning magazine advertisement.
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Redline Tuning Focus Hood QuickLIFT Systems
Our Redline Tuning Focus QuickLIFT is extremely popular and sold world-wide! Quickly lifts and holds your hood without the need for the stock prop rod. Simply start to lift your hood and let the Redline Tuning QuickLIFT finish the job! We include all of the hardware along with a detailed full-color installation manual for a quick and painless installation.

2000-2004 Ford Focus Hood QuickLIFT System
More Info SVT Focus Dead Pedal - 2000-2004
Specially designed for the SVT Focus, the Redline Tuning dead pedal kit adds the missing dead pedal. This kit was designed by us and includes an extremely strong laser cut, tumbled and e-coated bracket that can withstand all types of driving. Our Redline Tuning kit comes with everything you will need to install and enjoy a dead pedal in your Focus, including a full-color multipage installation manual! Place your order now!

RedlineTuning Focus Dead Pedal
More Info Focus Aluminum Fuel Door Kit - 2000-2004
Redline Tuning has made the extremely popular fuel door mod an easy one! Based on the Ford Bullitt fuel door, we started by replacing all stock bolts and hardware with high quality stainless steel hardware. Then we include a full-color installation manual with detailed instructions on how to make this beautiful piece of hardware fit your Focus as if it came from the factory. Now Available.

Redline Tuning Focus Fuel Door

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