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Please contact us via email: Email us

The best way to reach us is by E-mail. I know many people want to talk to a live person on the phone but you will find that your questions are answered quickly by E-mail. We are very busy in the shop during the days and all of us work together to fill orders. We keep our costs down by not hiring full time phone help. With E-mail, we can also do research before we answer you and can give a more complete answer.

That being said, we do have a voice # and you can call us at 734-238-6759. You will most likely get a recording so please leave your message clearly. We need to know your name, return phone #, email address and a brief description of your question. Please also see our FAQ pages as most of the common questions already have answers to them.

We like to make sure information is entered only once into the system. Twenty eight years of computer engineering has taught me that the more often information is re-entered, the more likely an error can occur. So the web site is a direct link to our order system; a very secure link that will help reduce order errors.

Dealer Inquiries... For those businesses interested in selling Redline Tuning products, please inquire using the following form.  This form is a Microsoft Word document - please download it, fill it out by answering the questions thoroughly and email the document back to us.  We will then send you our dealer information & pricing.  Dealer Inquiries form...  If you have trouble downloading the form, try right-clicking on the above link and then select 'Save target link as' to save it.

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