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2000-2004 Ford Focus Hood QuickLIFT and QuickLIFT ELITE
Our most popular QuickLIFT kit to date! This kit is sold world-wide and is an extremely easy modification to make to your Focus! Replace the stock hood prop rod with the hood QuickLIFT from Redline Tuning. Show off your engine & polished header at your local car show without the worry of someone bumping the prop rod and the hood crashing down, or just use them to make your life easier when changing plugs or working on your car. Our Redline Tuning QuickLIFT has been carefully designed for a quick and painless installation. We have exceptional feedback from around the world - read some of our customer feedback below.

Review the pages below for details on the QuickLIFT kits - differences between standard and Elite, as well as detailed component descriptions.

QuickLIFT / QuickLIFT Elite Comparison Chart!
QuickLIFT FAQ & Aftermarket hood questions answered

Designed for: Focus QuickLIFT will fit all Focus models, including right drive European models - Also includes the necessary hardware to support aftermarket hoods, though read our FAQ for details on fitment.

Shipping & Handling:
Select the desired shipping method before adding item to cart - the appropriate shipping charges will be applied at checkout. For shipments within the continental U.S. we use FedEx. For all shipments outside the continental U.S. we use U.S.P.S. air mail.
Overall Kit Photo

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Base Purchase Price: $69.95
Model #21-11006


Online Manuals
QuickLIFT ELITE Option:
QuickLIFT ELITE - For those who want the best money can buy - QuickLIFT ELITE. Read about the details here. Includes the ultimate 316L Stainless Steel gas springs, black powder-coated brackets and the best mounting hardware.
Price ($119.95)
Quicklift Kit Movie of Hood opening

QuickTime Movie of
QuickLIFT kit in action.
Full access to engine bay.
Simple and secure bracket mounting.
Powder-coated bracket shown above.

Kit includes:
(2) Black Gas-charged springs
(2) Black rods
(4) Zinc-plated ball-stud brackets
(8) High-strength rivets
(4) Gas spring locking clips
Full Color Printed Manual

QuickLIFT kit tested on:
Fits perfectly on European import fenders as well as European Focus.
Focus Central OEM carbon fiber hoods.
Kaminari fiberglass ram air hood.
ZXtuner carbon fiber hood

Required for installation:
● Power Drill
● 3/16" drill bit
● Masking Tape
● Tape Measure or ruler
Fine marker or felt tip pen
● Hammer and center punch
Rivet gun, capable of 3/16" rivets (most brands can handle this size).  
Download the full-color installation manual (below) to get a head start while your order is shipped. You will notice the careful attention to detail we put into this kit to make the installation as simple as possible.

Also visit our QuickLIFT kit Tips page for helpful information not available in our manuals.

2 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT, 4 years for QuickLIFT ELITE:
Redline Tuning warrants for 2 years from the date of purchase all components included in the QuickLIFT and 4 years from the date of purchase for the QuickLIFT Elite kits. Kits transferred to other vehicles voids the warranty.  Our warranty for this kit is only valid if installed on the vehicle for which it was purchased. Our manual and testing are specific to the stock hoods for specified model years your QuickLIFT was designed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

QuickLIFT Elite kit shown here

Hi just got my quicklift elite this morning 6th september 2006 and fitted them straight away. had no problems fitting by following your well written instructions. All I can say really is what an excellent product and very very highly recomended.Customer Feedback:
Regards, a very happy customer from newcastle upon tyne, england where i will be recomending your product. Once again thanks and big thumbs up. Keep up the good work.
Craig. Y

Sorry its taken so long to get back to you. Have fitted my lifters on my focus. What can i say!....Excellent, Fantastic, brilliant! they are exactly what i wanted and needed and for a very good price with fast delivery and the fitting instructions are probably the most easy, hassle free that i have ever seen. They do a credit to your self and the company and i'll be recommending you to all of my friends at work and in the car club for bits in the future. A real pleasure doing business with you,
Kind regardes, Dave - U.K.

I just installed one of your hood lift kits on my Focus SVT this afternoon.  It took me a little less than an hour.  The direction booklet is damn near perfect! You guys really have it down on how to install these things!  It shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into development of your products.  I also purchased an aluminum gas door for my Focus and a brake caliper coloring kit.  If these two go on like the lift kit, you really deserve some awesome credit!  (I expect that they will.) 

Anyhow, I am super impressed with the lift kit.  I've been opening and closing my hood just to see it work!!  No more prop rod!!!  Yahoo!!!!  If the fuel door goes on as smooth as the lift kit did I will be ecstatic!!!  This email has now gotten long enough, but you said that you wanted to know!  (See what you can get yourself into with people like me?)  I am going to have "Show and Tell" at work tomorrow and believe me, EVERYONE is going to know about Redline Tuning!!!  Keep up the excellent work and come out with more products that I can put on my SVT!  If your company ever goes public let me know and I will buy stock!  You guys really have your act together!"
Alex Piek - U.S.

"Just fitted them this evening and all I can say is WOW! They are absolutely fantastic! I've just been raising and lowering the bonnet for the last 10 minutes with a great big stupid grin on my face! The guy across the road probably thinks I've completely lost it now! I think everyone is a little nervous when ordering aftermarket car parts, since there is a fair proportion of the market supplying goods that simply do not come up to expectations. When you can see others have 'tried & tested' the goods already, and customer's are very happy with them, it removes those doubts from your mind..."
- Darren Crosby - Plymouth, United Kingdom

It is great. I love it. Something I wanted to do to my stang and never did. It is one of those little things that come on the 35k dollar cars that is so cheap to do. Great mod and cheap!
- Jason - U.S.

"I would just like to thank you for your very prompt service in getting my bonnet lift kit to me here in the UK. It arrived yesterday 4 days after my order. Also well impressed with the extensive instructions it came with and all the parts were perfect. Many thanks again for a brilliant product which we just cant get here."
- Regards, Danny H., United Kingdom

"I just installed my kit and all I can say is WOW.  It works perfectly, looks like it is factory and was easy to install.  The hardware was excellent quality and I am extremely happy.  Thank you for designing such a wonderful upgrade that every car should come with anyway.  I will definitely be back again.  THANK YOU."
- Ebay customer

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