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2007-13 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake Hood QuickLIFT PLUS & QuickLIFT ELITE

Replace your hood's prop rod today with our Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT system. There are always areas that every OEM doesn't address due to cost, and our high-quality hood QuickLIFT system is one of them...   Two gas-springs that lift and hold your hood without the need for a poorly placed prop-rod, simply start to lift your hood and let our QuickLIFT system take over. Your hood will lift and hold firmly at the raised position - no wind or bumping will knock it down on your head. 


  • No compromise system - We design our systems from start to finish - we mount the gas springs where they need to be for proper function... we utilize stock bolt locations when available, but we never compromise functionality of the system for the sake of it being 'bolt-in'.
  • Simple one-handed operation, simply start to lift the hood and it will raise to the stock height unassisted in a smooth and controlled motion.
  • Progressive gas springs. Our springs are not off the shelf parts, they are designed by us and manufactured to our specifications for each vehicle application. Our exclusive end-of-force dampening slows the rate of extension over the final inches of travel eliminating stress to the hood.
  • QuickLIFT systems work with any hood (steel, fiberglass, SMC, carbon fiber etc.) - we design our systems using the stock hood so the main market is covered, however, our systems are made to work with 99% of aftermarket hoods.  No extra parts are required.   Read our FAQ for more information...
  • Quick and simple installation - we design the systems and write all of our own documentation.  FULL COLOR manuals will arrive that will walk ANYONE through this simple installation - our customer comes first.  Every vehicle uses different hardware and mounting locations, all made easy.  You do NOT need to be a mechanic or car nut like us - we are so confident in our product that we post every installation manual on our website for you to review prior to ordering.
We love cars, we love to engineer and design new unique parts for cars our passion is obvious.  Each system is designed by us and we stand behind the thousands of systems we have sold. Our design is very easy to install and gets nothing but the highest marks from our customers and magazine reviews.
Overall Kit Photo

Base Purchase Price: $89.95
Model #21-11018


Designed for: 2007-13 Shelby GT500 Super Snake edition Mustang. For the standard Mustang and Shelby GT500, purchase this system. Specifically designed for the different hood and thicker hood frame of the Shelby Super Snake.
Our QuickLIFT system is the only system available that is specifically designed for the Super Snake - it will lift and hold the hood without the need for an extra support bar or extremely high-force gas springs that will bow the hood (as some of the competitors systems provide).

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QuickLIFT System Movie of Hood opening
QuickTime Movie of QuickLIFT system in operation

Simple and secure bracket mounting.
QuickLIFT ELITE shown in photo.

Clean final installation.
QuickLIFT ELITE shown in photo.
QuickLIFT ELITE Option:
QuickLIFT ELITE - For those who want the best money can buy - QuickLIFT ELITE. Read about the details here. Includes the ultimate 316L Stainless Steel gas springs, black powder-coated brackets.  QuickLIFT ELITE install shown in most of the product photos for this vehicle.
Price ($119.95)
QuickLIFT PLUS - Our latest release, a cross between our base kit and our QuickLIFT ELITE. All black components, including: the QuickLIFT black e-coated gas springs, black shafts, ball-stud end fittings & black powder-coated brackets (from the ELITE system) along with the best anaerobic-coated-urethane mounting hardware.
Price ($84.95)

Mounting brackets shown to the right may not be the correct mounting bracket for your vehicle, they are representing quality of black powder-coating finish.
QuickLIFT system includes:

Custom manufactured gas-springs (black e-coated for QuickLIFT & PLUS, 316L Stainless steel for QuickLIFT ELITE)

Mounting hardware kit - zinc-plated for base QuickLIFT system (black powder-coated for QuickLIFT PLUS & ELITE) - - QuickLIFT PLUS is our all-black system.

Full Color Manual - Best in the industry including step-by-step instructions with detailed photos.



2 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT & 4 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT ELITE:

Buy from us with confidence! We have exceptional warranties and we treat our customers right!

Redline Tuning warrants for 2 years from the date of purchase all components included in the QuickLIFT and 4 years from the date of purchase for the QuickLIFT Elite kits. Kits transferred to other vehicles voids the warranty.  Our warranty for this kit is only valid if installed on the vehicle for which it was purchased. Our manual and testing are specific to the stock hoods for specified model years your QuickLIFT was designed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

QuickLIFT ELITE installed on an awesome Super Snake - QuickLIFT system specifically designed for this vehicle.


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