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NEW Bolt-in QuickLIFT System
2005-14 Ford Mustang Hood QuickLIFT PLUS & QuickLIFT ELITE

Replace your hood's prop rod today with our Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT system, with patented attachment system. There are always areas that every OEM doesn't address due to cost, and our high-quality hood QuickLIFT system is one of them...   Two gas-springs that lift and hold your hood without the need for a poorly placed prop-rod, simply start to lift your hood and let our QuickLIFT system take over. Your hood will lift and hold firmly at the raised position - no wind or bumping will knock it down on your head. 


  • No compromise system - We design our systems from start to finish - we mount the gas springs where they need to be for proper function... our 2012 redesign is now a 'bolt-in'.
  • Simple one-handed operation, simply start to lift the hood and it will raise to the stock height unassisted in a smooth and controlled motion.
  • Progressive gas springs. Our springs are not off the shelf parts, they are designed by us and manufactured to our specifications for each vehicle application. Our exclusive end-of-force dampening slows the rate of extension over the final inches of travel eliminating stress to the hood.
  • QuickLIFT systems work with any hood (steel, fiberglass, SMC, carbon fiber etc.) - we design our systems using the stock hood so the main market is covered, however, our systems are made to work with 99% of aftermarket hoods.  We have two versions for 2005+ Mustang - our bolt-in system which can be used on all 2005+ Mustangs that have the stock holes mid-way up the hood's frame, and the partial bolt-in made for all aftermarket hoods without the hood frame holes.
  • Quick and simple installation - we design the systems and write all of our own documentation.  FULL COLOR manuals will arrive that will walk ANYONE through this simple installation - our customer comes first. Five minute installation can be expected for the full bolt-in systems.  You do NOT need to be a mechanic or car nut like us - we are so confident in our product that we post every installation manual on our website for you to review prior to ordering.
Overall Kit Photo

Choose system by hood type and model year:
STOCK Hood Application
Base Purchase Price: $89.95
STOCK_HOOD_21-11023,4-0X Version 2


AFTERMARKET Hood Application
Base Purchase Price: $89.95


Which system is correct for your vehicle...?
If you have the
stock hood or any hood with two holes in the hood frame (located mid-way up the frame on either side) you should purchase our bolt-in application (PN 21-11023,4-0X). This system will work with every 2005+ Mustang that has these two holes - see online manual or photos below. (Works on all Mustangs including: V6, 5.0, GT, Shelby GT500, Boss, Laguna Seca, Shelby KR - excludes only Shelby America Shelby Super Snake.

If you have an
aftermarket hood WITHOUT these holes, purchase PN 21-11016-0X system - This system is new also and features the same bolt-in lower fender mount as shown below, but includes our previous upper bracket that is riveted to the hood - a partial bolt-in. Both work and function like OEM and are the best solutions on the market.

Online Manuals

Bolt-in Lower Fender Mount.
Lower Bracket is the same between our stock hood bolt-in system and the aftermarket system described above.

5 minute installation.
Lifts and holds 'any' hood up - No hood bowing, proper lifting force with Redline Tuning slow-release gas springs .
New 2012 redesign - bolt-in systems that work. Five minute installation.

QuickLIFT ELITE on 2009 SEMA sponsored custom wide-bodied Mustang.

Bash Performance 2005 SEMA sponsored Mustang with our original 2005 hood QuickLIFT ELITE system.

Bolt-in QuickLIFT ELITE shown on new Shelby Cobra
SNOW PERFORMANCE 2007 SEMA sponsored Mustang - QuickLIFT ELITE closeup.

QuickLIFT system includes:

Custom manufactured gas-springs (black e-coated for QuickLIFT & PLUS, 316L Stainless steel for QuickLIFT ELITE)

Mounting hardware - (black powder-coated for QuickLIFT PLUS & ELITE) - QuickLIFT PLUS is our all-black system.

Full Color Manual - Best in the industry including step-by-step instructions with detailed photos.

2 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT & 4 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT ELITE:

Buy from Redline Tuning with confidence! We have exceptional warranties and we treat our customers right!

Redline Tuning warrants for 2 years from the date of purchase all components included in the QuickLIFT and 4 years from the date of purchase for the QuickLIFT Elite kits. Systems transferred to other vehicles voids the warranty.  Our warranty for this sytem is only valid if installed on the vehicle for which it was purchased. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Customer Feedback:

Hey Folks, just a note to thank you for providing such a great product.


After looking at all the competitors, yours looked the best. After the installation, it's obvious Redlines are the best.

A very simple installation with a great quality product......nothing more to ask for!


Thanks again,

Dan Millholland

Maryville, TN


I saw your products in 5.0 Mustang magazine and I must say I was very happy at what I read, so I order the QuickLIFT ELITE.

May 14, I received the order for the 2005-13 Ford Mustang Hood QuickLIFT ELITE for my 2011 Shelby GT500.

The item was delivered on-time with all parts accounted for.

I just wanted to say how well the product is designed, bolted right in in less than 15 minutes, it actually took longer to read the instructions then to install.  J

I am extremely pleased with the QuickLIFT ELITE and I will be demonstrating it to all my fellow mustang owners who I know will be ordering their own.


Gilbert Hernandez

I spoke with one of your reps at Mustang Week 09 at Myrtle Beach.SC..told him then and telling you now,,,your Hood Struts for the Mustangs  are #1... Ive installed 4 sets over the last couple years, Great fit. Easy install, fantastic product. I can't say enough about the product.



I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your product. I also feel the instructions are the best I have ever seen.

Keep the great products coming.

I wish you made performance products for the GT-500. Thanks, Steve

I just bought a Quick Lift package for my 2005 Mustang GT.

I have first saw your product on EBay last year when the quick lift kits got on the market. I  finally decided to buy one now and look forward to installing it on my car when I get it out of winter storage in mid-March.
Thank you for the great product.
Luc Boucher

Just got done installing the 05 Mustang kit, and had to write. Superb directions, extremely clear and easy to follow. Only took 30 minutes, and I was going slow. I love this product, and will recommend to all my friends and people on the message boards. Most definitely a two thumbs up.

Thanks, Tony


I have a 2005 Mustang and have the ELITE system... Love it...Great Product! I have no problem promoting someone's product if it is a good value...and your kit is!

John S.

Just got home from having the Elite installed on my 05 'stang -THIS IS AN AWESOME PRODUCT!!!!! EVERY person who owns a car with a dangerous prop rod should put one of these in.
THANK YOU Joe Canzoneri

Just wanted you to know that I installed the 2 hood kits for 2005 Mustangs that my brother bought. They are slick and work the way that they should. Instructions were easy to follow. GREAT KIT.
Thanks Mark

In a word AWESOME!! Great quality pieces and what a treat to have a Mustang with under hood hydraulics......are you listening Ford??? I went with the less expensive black rods as I wanted more of a "stealth" look than the billet ones. Looks great on y black GT and I did paint the brackets black as well - I highly recommend this mod!!

Just installed mine last night my 13 year old daughter helped me. I let her do all the work save for the final mark before drilling. Took all of 45 minutes with HER helping. Works great. Kept going out all night and playing with it.

I also had ordered two sets of the less expensive black rods back in February from Redline Tuning, and installation for the both sets took only an hour and a half. They look great, and were easy to put in. I painted the brackets black, the night before I installed them. I didn't get the stainless steel ones because I liked the looks of black better, and did both our Mustangs for the price of only one of the stainless kits. Jack

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I received my QuickLIFT ELITE Gas Struts today and within 30 minutes had them installed on my 2005 Mustang. They work and look great! Russ

Brian, Got the new parts thanks for excellent customer service. That is one of the many reasons I love messing around with hot rods and muscle cars the people are great! PS

Dear Brian, I received the socket fitting from you last week. Thank you for standing behind your fine product. FYI - your decision to include your web address on the strut cylinder label was a most ingenious marketing ploy. When Mustang owners approach my pony at car shows, their reaction goes pretty much like this: 1. They notice the absence of the ubiquitous (and annoying) factory support rod. 2. They take a close look at what is holding up the hood-(I keep the labels facing out). 3. They ask me lots of questions and then scribble down your web address. Thanx again, -Bill Ferretti

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