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We are in the business to create products that the we know our customers will love. In order for us to bring in new customers we travel to a few large car shows & races each year. A huge part of our success on the road comes from one of our preferred dealers, High Impact. The owner, Tom Pelchat, joins us as a Redline Tuning employee for two shows a year and installs an average of 30-40 QuickLIFT systems per show - his days are long, but our customer's are very happy.

For the low price of $30, he will install any of our hood QuickLIFT systems - he usually starts booking up time-slots weeks before the shows even begin...
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Customer's always love it when you bring your services right to them!  That is what we do - our favorite installer, Tom Pelchat, from High Impact (out of Omaha, Nebraska), brings his endless attention to detail and fast service right to our customers...
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Whether it is a show vehicle or a daily driver, Tom will give our customers the best installation available.
Crowds always gather while he works - we're not sure if it is our products or the installer, but does it matter?
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