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2002-2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Trunk QuickLIFT & QuickLIFT ELITE
To complement the incredible hood QuickLIFT kit we have created for the Lancer, we have now released the trunk QuickLIFT kit. Using the same proven technology and excellent gas spring placement, we have eliminated the need for the stock torsion bar setup and given those individuals with aftermarket trunks (carbon fiber and fiberglass) the ability to lift your trunk properly.

With our trunk QuickLIFT kit, the gas springs apply even pressure to the trunk while lifting.  This will eliminate the twisting and deformation problems owners have with lightweight carbon fiber trunk skins.

Review the pages below for details on the QuickLIFT kits - differences between standard and ELITE, as well as detailed component descriptions.

QuickLIFT / QuickLIFT Elite Comparison Chart!
QuickLIFT FAQ & Installation Tips and Techniques

Designed for: 2002-2007 Mitsubishi Lancer with aftermarket carbon fiber and fiberglass trunks.  Also check out our hood QuickLIFT for this vehicle.

Shipping & Handling:
Select the desired shipping method before adding item to cart - the appropriate shipping charges will be applied at checkout. For shipments within the continental U.S. we use FedEx. For all shipments outside the continental U.S. we use U.S.P.S. air mail. All others please contact us for pricing.
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Base Purchase Price: $69.95
Model #21-30005


Clear and concise installation manual.

Solid mounting solutions.

Clean final installation.
QuickLIFT Options:
There are a few options available when purchasing your QuickLIFT...
QuickLIFT ELITE - For those who want the best money can buy - QuickLIFT ELITE. Read about the details here. Includes the ultimate 316L Stainless Steel gas springs, black powder-coated brackets and the best mounting hardware.
Price ($119.95)
QuickLIFT Kit includes:

(2) Gas gas-springs
(Black e-coated)
(2) Zinc-plated upper brackets
(2) Zinc-plated lower brackets
(4) High-strength multi-grip rivets
(6) High adhesion rivets for trunk
(4) Gas-spring locking clips
Full Color Printed Manual

Download the full-color installation manual to get a head start while your order is shipped. You will notice the excellent design and detail we put into this kit to make the installation easier.

2 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT & 4 year limited warranty for QuickLIFT ELITE:
Redline Tuning warrants for 2 years from the date of purchase all components included in the QuickLIFT and 4 years from the date of purchase for the QuickLIFT Elite kits. Kits transferred to other vehicles voids the warranty.  Our warranty for this kit is only valid if installed on the vehicle for which it was purchased. Our manual and testing are specific to the stock hoods for specified model years your QuickLIFT was designed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


QuickLIFT installed on a customer's vehicle.

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